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MRI Device Testing completes all work within our London, Ontario labs, but we have been serving Los Angeles and the global medical community for more than ten years. By providing highly detailed and accurate reporting on the usability of a wide array of devices with MR machines, we have helped ensure the safety and viability of these MR scans.

There are many different industries in the medical community of Los Angeles that use medical devices which can cause issues during an MR scan. If your medical business in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas plans to make medical devices, furniture, or any other devices that need to be used in tandem with an MR machine, contact MRIdt™ for the best in MRI Device Testing for the Los Angeles Area.

As a city with a population of nearly 4 million people, and the second largest city in the US, L.A. is not only home to the largest film industry in the West, but also home to a great number of facilities that develop and manufacture medical devices. The Greater L.A. Area is home to over 13 million people who may need medical devices or an MRI in their lifetime. Los Angeles was among the first counties in the world to offer routine MRIs for patients with pacemakers. Companies must be able to keep up by offering more and better services to patients with medical devices.

Los Angeles MRI device testing

ISO 17025 Los Angeles

MRIdt™ is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 for Dimensional Inspection, Thermodynamic, and Mechanical Testing. All of our services and testing are held to this standard, offering peace of mind and the accreditation expected by major organizations and governing bodies.

Please view our list of our many test standards and guidance documents for more information on all the testing we can provide.

With an open line of communication and easy contact methods for our customers in the United States and all around the world, MRIdt™ offers a quick turnaround time with modern customer service and cutting edge technologies.

In Los Angeles and across the United States, almost every person will need an MR scan in their lifetime. We understand that these patients are our ultimate client and that’s why our Los Angeles clients trust us to provide their MR device testing and service, and make the MRI Device Testing Process easy.