We have access to all equipment required to conduct the testing described in the Services. All equipment used is maintained in a fully calibrated, documented, and controlled QMS.

Specifically, MRIdt has access to the following major equipment and resources:

  • MRI Scanners (all scanners used are maintained under active, documented service agreements from their respective manufacturers or service providers)
    • 1.5 T platforms (GE, Siemens, Phillips)
    • 3.0 T platforms (GE, Siemens, Phillips)
    • 0.5 T platforms (Synaptive Medical)
    • 7.0 T platforms (Siemens)
  • Radiofrequency exposure platforms:
    • MITS 1.5 and MITS 3.0 (ZMT)
  • Gradient (“dB/dt”) exposure platforms
    • Small, medium, and large-bore (xMR Labs)
  • Computer simulation and CAD platforms:
    • Sim4Life (SPEAG)
    • Numerous others, as required.
  • All necessary supporting electronics and measurements systems, all maintained in calibration (test electronics, field-monitors and probes, temperature measurement, scales, et cetera)

For projects in which there is a substantial computer simulation component, we have a strategic partnership with MRI Safety Modeling (http://mrisafetymodeling.com).