MRI Device TestingSan Francisco

Led by Blaine Chronik, MRIdt has been serving San Francisco and the surrounding areas since 2008. Although we do all our testing in our ISO-accredited labs in London, Ontario, Canada, we have been meeting clients’ MRI testing needs globally since our inception, including the medical community in San Francisco. Dr. Chronik spent 4 years as a post-doctoral fellow and research associate in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. Today, working from a lab, located at Western University, one of Canada’s most prestigious universities, MRIdt has a multitude of certifications to meet our clients’ needs.

San Francisco has become a hub for technology since the 1990s and has therefore also grown its medical research community. The biotechnology industry in San Francisco has grown as well due to the proximity of huge technology industries like those in Silicon Valley. With biotech advancements allowing more and better implantable devices, it is imperative for patients to know that their device is safe to be used in conjunction with an MR machine.

That’s why MRI Device Testing in San Francisco has become so important and why MRIdt recognizes the importance of serving this area. We work with clients in San Francisco to provide timely, efficient and effective MR device testing, for everything from drug pumps, cochlear implants, and heart valves to furniture that will be used near the MR machine.

San Francisco MRI device testing

ISO 17025 San Francisco

MRIdt offers San Francisco testing accredited to ISO 17025 as well as a long list of other accreditations. These standards are chosen to meet the needs of the biotechnology industry like that of San Francisco. If you have a question about our accreditation and standards, please contact us. We’re always happy to help. Globally, we are known for not only our efficient and thorough understanding of your products and your needs, but also for our exceptional customer satisfaction. That’s why so many companies choose us as their MR device testing experts.